2016-12-09 20:37:00

Andinave contributes to the progress of the Subway in Quito

The arrival and discharging of the tunneling machine for Quito’s subway was a success. “La Guaragua”, bound to discharge the ground for the construction of the first subway system, arrived at Guayaquil’s port on November 13, 2016.

Andinave, shipping and logistics agency, with over 33 years of experience, assisted MV “Jule”, the Antiguan flag (Antigua and Barbuda) cargo ship, with its services. The ship was nominated to carry this great machinery from Germany.

The operations started at midnight on November 13, when it arrived at Contecon Terminal in Guayaquil.

La Guaragua is “9.3 meters high (equivalent to a three-story building). It weights approximately 1,660 tons and is able to drill ground at a speed of 15 to 18 meters per day. The heavy machinery will drill a 4km. section, drilling nonstop 24 hours a day”, ACCIONA explains, in a press release.

On this important effort for the welfare of Quito, Andinave was in charge of all the logistics of:

- Vessel representation / captain / shipowners in Ecuador

- “Jule" Vessel reception coordination with local port authorities

- Early planning of unloading operations.

- Coordination with the terminal for berthing maneuvers, as well as planning ahead of discharging operations.

- Appointment and coordination of pilots and tugs for berthing /unberthing maneuvers.

- Ancillary services on board the ship. “Jule” left the port in Guayaquil once the discharging operations were completed, which concluded at 4:40pm on November 18.

Mauricio Rodas, the mayor of Quito, the country’s capital, mentioned that in order to import the tunneling machine, 13 containers were imported, and the machine was divided into 55 pieces.

Meanwhile, ACCIONA is the Spaniard corporation in charge of the construction of the subway in Quito and of the three tunneling machines that will work on the excavation of the Line 1 of the Quito underground. Before being transferred to Guayaquil, “La Guaragua” was tested in Germany.

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