2007-05-05 15:21:00

Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – May 2007 # 26

New Logo and more projects

New Ramp – Just inaugurated and ready for operation. 

The new ramp was inaugurated with the vessel ‘HELEN C’ discharging 6,711 MT of Steel products on May 10th /07.

More constructions for Andipuerto

Warehouses – Delta 3 & 4 in progress and scheduled to be completed in 45 days.

Maintenance of terminal entrance

In order to cope with heavy transit of trucks Andipuerto decided to reinforce terminal entrance.

The asphalt is three inches thick, covering an area of approx 2,000 M2.

More Projects
NEW WAREHOUSE ’JULIET’ TO BE CONSTRUCTED – marking a record for dry-bulk terminals in Ecuador.

We are happy to announce the decision by company directors to construct our 9th warehouse with an area of 8,000 M2 for storage of 28,000 MT bulk. Andipuerto will increase its warehouse capacity from 220,000 MT up to approx 250,000 MT being the biggest dry bulk terminal as per warehouse capacity in the Republic of Ecuador.

New Open Yard – 6,000 M2.

In addition of asphalting the entrance as per above pictures ANDIPUERTO will continue to asphalt an area of 6,000 M2 where an open yard has been assigned in order to store hot steel products or general cargo. The area is located in the centre of the terminal between the silos and the liquid tanks.


The cargo machinery for handling dry bulk cargo keeps growing and reflects our dedication on improving efficiency in every operation.

New Logo

We are pleased to present our new logo which maintains Its traditional character but providing more identity for each of the services offered by Andinave companies.


New ramp is 21 mts long x 8 mts wide. Please also see aerial view below on title ‘MORE PROJECTS’.

Above picture shows in red future warehouses Delta 4. Our ISPS officer in front of warehouse Delta 3

Picture shows three areas of new development: 1) New ramp already completed; 2) New open yard asphalted; 3) New warehouse ‘Juliet’

New area to be asphalted of approx. 6,000 M2

New area to be asphalted of approx. 6,000 M2

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