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Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – October 2007 # 27

New Warehouses ‘Delta III’ and ‘Delta IV’ – Just inaugurated
As indicated in our newsstand # 25 and right on schedule Andipuerto completed the construction of warehouses ‘Delta III’ and ‘Delta IV’ for an additional horizontal warehouse area of 2,000 m2 . These warehouses will be used for small parcels, bagged cargo, general and remains from big lots of bulk cargoes.

… and New Warehouse ‘Juliet’ to be inaugurated in Jan. 2008

Our 9th Warehouse has already initiated construction with an area of 8,000 M2 to be completed by Jan. 2008.

New open yard covering 6,000 M2 already completed. 

Andipuerto completed on time the delivery of 6,000 M2 available for steel importers for storing ‘Hot’ products which do not need warehouse protection. The yard is located just in front of the pier right after the exit of the second ramp. Its location will allow faster and more efficient discharge operation for steel cargoes.

The open yard in front of second access ramp already with steel and projects cargoes.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador and Japanese Ambassador visit Andipuerto.

On Aug. 16th in occasion of the fertilizers donation by the Government of Japan a ceremony was held at Andipuerto facilities with presence of important authorities. In the last four years Andipuerto has won the tender in handling their products.

On right hand Picture (from right), Mr. Rodrigo Viteri from Andinave; Mr. Carlos Jativa, Minister Foreign affairs of Ecuador; Mr. Masahiro Maekawa Ambassador of Japan; Mr. Alex Villacres President of the Port Authorities of Guayaquil; and Mr Jaime Durango Vice-Minister of Agriculture.

ANDINAVE Companies participate at EXPOMAR 2007
During the exhibition held at the new convention center in Guayaquil all Andinave companies offered their services with a cocktail reception with all their clients.

Sponsored sailboat ‘Viña del Mar II’ wins regatta.

Our sponsored sailboat ‘Viña del Mar II’ under the helm of Francisco Rizzo Jr. won the coastal regatta covering 114 nautical miles being overall winner under handicap system IMS and also the blue ribbon prize for being first in real time. The regatta consisted on departing from Salinas and going around the island of La Plata and return. The total sailing time was 18 hours non-stop.


Inside ‘Delta III’ – being stored with 35,000 bags. Above outside ‘Delta IV’ – being stored with 2,800 MT of bulk cargo.

Above shows development of future warehouse ‘Juliet’

Our stand at EXPOMAR and on the right side Andipuerto staff member Mr. Fabian Prieto and Miss Maria Fernanda Cornejo
Viña del Mar II upon her arrival at the finish line.

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