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Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – July 2006 # 23

Two new weight scales ordered for Andipuerto
Andipuerto has ordered two new weight scales ‘Bettler- Toledo’ specially designed for heavy Trucks. It is designed for above-ground installation. Driving surface is reinforced concrete (8 inches thick) with a modular steel framework. Steel I-beam framework is assembled on site and provides a built-in side rail for safety. Digitol load cells transmit a powerful signal for accurate, reliable weighing.

The ‘HITACHI’ crane – 28 year old vancuvator is dismantled at Andipuerto.

After 28 years of use, while being a public pier, the vancuvator was used together with buckets to discharge grain products. The new administration at Andipuerto decided to dismantle the whole piece considering that more efficient discharge methods are currently being used at the terminal. The removal has created more space alongside the pier and higher productivity for handling bulk and break bulk cargoes.

The process of dismantling the crane took 28 days with 60 hrs of shore crane hiring and 18 truck voyages as to bring break pieces into a special storage area.

First shipments of wire rods exported from Guayaquil.
Ecuador is a major importer of steel products, although this time a local Ecuadorian steel mill made the exception by delivering one of their first export shipments ‘Made in Ecuador’. For this historic event the local steel mill chose our affiliated company Andigrain S.A as their Port Operator in order to handle their exports at the public piers of the Port Authority of Guayaquil.

Andipuerto receives visit from Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador.

Under the presence of the Minister of Agriculture of Ecuador, Mr Pablo Rizzo Pastor, Andipuerto handled one of the season’s first shipments of bagged rice exports. The rice exporters were very pleased with the results of excellent cargo handling and zero shortage or damage cargo.

5,000 MT of bagged Rice loaded on board MV ‘Artic Clipper’

Heavy Lifts discharged 
Project cargoes are no exception in our shipping services. Below the 34 MT Tanks discharged from vessel Cordillera at the Public Pier # 5 at the Port Authority of Guayaquil.

Andinave Group acts as sponsor for runners at the Half Marathon (21 Km) race in Guayaquil-Ecuador.
With the participation of over one thousands athletes our runners completed the race in good shape and excellent time.



The Minister of Agriculture addressing the media conference.

Wire rods loaded on vessel ‘Cordillera’ V.38 belonging from Line Transmares (Chile)

Truckmaster Scale ‘Bettler Toledo’- is a concrete-deck scale (commercial duty) for weighing highway vehicles.

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