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Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – October 2006 # 24

Three new weight scales ordered for Andipuerto
As per our newsstand # 22 Andipuerto ordered the construction of two brand new scales ‘Mettler- Toledo’ specially designed for weighting heavy Trucks. But in fact Andipuerto decided to add an additional scale from its original order. Out of three new scales, one will replace the existing old scale # 3 next to liquid tanks, the second scale named # 4 will be constructed right next to # 3, and finally the last one named # 5 will be located just in front of the pier (see below) and has been designed to support all weighting from trucks loaded and coming from the vessel during discharge operations.

Almost completed weight scale # 5– located in front of the pier. In construction weight scale # 3 and # 4 – Next to Liquid tanks.

Andipuerto adapts to customer’s need.
On average 160,000 bags of fertilizers are dispatched every month from our specially assigned fertilize warehouses (‘Echo I’ and ‘Golf’). In coordination with our clients a new office was added next to warehouse ‘Golf’ as to support physical delivery and detailed attention exclusively for this product.

New office next to Golf warehouse.

Andipuerto is flexible under bulk cargo conditions.
On Sept. 6th / 06, Andipuerto attended the MV ‘Copihue’ with 5,500 MT of clay in Bulk. Our customer previously advised that the product will not arrive as free flowing material with big stones. Andipuerto arranged to discharge the product directly into pier without use of hoppers. The terminal provided all its road machinery as to load trucks while able to complete the vessel in 29 hrs.

MV ‘Copihue’ while berthed at Andipuerto.

Keeping the record.
Lately on Aug. 18th /06 Andipuerto attended the MV ‘Helen C’ with 11,000 MT of SBM being discharged in 25 hrs or 440 MT per hrs/ 10,560 MT per day. Previous records show on May 22nd /06 Andipuerto discharged 6,000 MT of bulk sulphur from MV ‘Auk Arrow’ in 12 hrs or 500 MT per hr/12,000 MT per day. Also last Dec. 2005, the MV ‘Danny Boy’ carrying 27,150 MT of corn was discharged in 48 hrs at the rate of 566 MT per hr/13,584 MT per day.

MV ‘Helen C’ – during discharge operations at Andipuerto under the average discharge rate of 440 MT per hr.

Our affiliate Andinave S.A. obtains renewal for ISO certificate
Since May 2003- Andinave S.A. was the first 100% Ecuadorian Port Agency & Logistic Services to obtain ISO certificate. The BV ISO certificate has been renewed until 2009. Above certificate includes stevedoring and port logistic services.

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