2004-08-13 12:36:00

Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – August 2004 # 17

New warehouse named 'GOLF' to be ready by Dec.2004
We are very pleased to announce the construction order of our third new warehouse to be named 'GOLF' with an area of 9,000 Square Meters to be completed by the end of December 2004. Previously in January of 2003 it was inaugurated the warehouse (named 'Echo') with an area of 5,000 Square Meters, and in January 2004 it was also inaugurated the warehouse (named 'Fox') with an area of 9,000 Square Meters. Adding the new construction Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. will increase its existing warehouse and silos capacity from before the concession of 45,000 MT, for up to 160,000 MT of cargo.

The line in red shows construction site for warehouse 'Golf' of 9,000 Mts2. To be completed by Dec. 2004

'Notice of Maintenance' for Andipuerto Pier of 150 meters length.
As part of the pier maintenance schedule, the original concrete platform of 10 cm thick, it currently been replaced and renewed with a 15 cm thick concrete platform with steel reinforced rebar. It is expected that vessels operations will be restricted from Aug. 3rd until Aug. 20th/04 when completion of the work is expected.

Maintenance works at the pier. Photos shows as the work progress to be completed by Aug. 20th/04.

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