2003-11-07 10:20:00

Newsstand - Port of Guayaquil, Ecuador – November 2003 # 16

New warehouse ready for Dec.2003
Due to increased demand of warehouse space we are very pleased to announce the construction of a new warehouse (to be named 'Foxtrot') with an area of 9,000 Square Meters to be completed by the end of December 2003. Previously also in January of 2003 it was inaugurated the warehouse (named 'Echo') with an area of 5,000 Square Meters.

Adding the new construction Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A. will increase its existing bulk warehouse and silos capacity from approx 65,000 MT, up to 100,000 MT of bulk cargo.

New record of discharge for Soy Beam Oil in bulk at Andipuerto
Due to further improvement of oil liquid bulk facilities , as from Nov. 2003, it has been added to service an additional second pipe line (out of previously only one) as per disposal from tanker vessels. Therefore the terminal will be able to offer two independent pipe lines which can pump simultaneously from the vessel to shore tanks for different receivers or products without wasting any time. Recently on attendance of the tanker 'Altair' with 6,500 MT of soy beam oil, the terminal was able to discharge in just 12 hours, and braking its record with over 500 MT/per hr, from the previous rate of only 200 MT/per hr. This will cut by more than half the time of vessel stay and will introduce a new discharge rate for bulk oils in Guayaquil.

New Wheel-Loader ordered for Andipuerto
Andipuerto Guayaquil S.A has ordered via Caterpillar dealer in Guayaquil a new Wheel Loader model CAT 938 G Serie II as to arrive from Brazil in 70 days. It is expected with this new equipment to further improve bulk deliveries into receivers trucks directly from our horizontal warehouses with quick dispatches. The machine can load with a bucket of 5.5 cbm cap. and a reach-out of 4.3 meters height, and may be used also for accommodating more efficiently bulk cargo inside vessel holds or horizontal warehouses.

Palm garden
In contrast to the usual the port working environment it was added a 'palm garden' which provide a nice and relax green area among the traffic of heavy machinery around the terminal.

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